Ph.D. program in the International Graduate School of Biosciences (IGB)

Doing a Ph.D. serves to prove the competence for independent and self-reliant scientific working. If successfully completed, it results in the granting of a doctorate degree (Dr. rer. nat. or Ph.D.).

Usually, Ph.D. candidates work on a specific research project for three to five years. All results are summed up in a written thesis (dissertation or doctoral thesis), which is publically defended afterwards (disputation or thesis defense).

The Ph.D. research project is scientifically supervised by two members of the International Graduate School of Biosciences (IGB). The research topic and the working place are provided by the Ph.D. thesis supervisor. Project funding can be provided by external funds, public funds, or doctoral scholarships.

For widening scientific expertise and for gaining additional key competences some supplementary modules are provided for Ph.D. students to complement their doctoral program.

A degree (Diploma or Master´s degree) graded with “very good” or “good” is a prerequisite for starting a Ph.D. program. Holders of a “very good” Bachelor´s degree are permitted to start a Ph.D. project directly after completing a one-year preparatory study program (Fast track- Ph.D. program).

The International Graduate School of Biosciences (IGB) is responsible for the Ph.D. study program and the graduation process.


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