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Departments, working groups and junior research groups

Dynamics of cellular Processes

In the priority area "Dynamics of Cellular Processes", 12 participating chairs and research groups investigate fundamental biochemical and molecular biological reactions in different eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems such as plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms. The aim is to understand and, if necessary, modulate the functional interactions of the molecular cell components that control complex cellular processes and allow dynamic adaptations to changing conditions.

Functional Biodiversity Research

In the priority area of functional biodiversity research, the focus is on the diversity of living things. The five participating chairs and working groups focus on research into the diversity of organisms from the molecular to the ecosystem level, on the evolution and ecology of fungi, plants and animals, and on the influence of humans on biodiversity and biodiversity loss.

Protein Research and Biotechnology

In the research area of protein research and biotechnology, the role of proteins and RNA molecules in controlling biological processes and the possibilities of using them for biocatalysis are investigated. In doing so, the participating chairs and research groups use a broad spectrum of bioinformatics, molecular biological, biochemical and biophysical methods to investigate questions ranging from basic research to translation into medicine or biotechnology. Findings from investigations at the atomic and molecular level are transferred to the level of cells and organisms to understand complex physiological processes.

WG: Working Group
JRG: Junior Research Group

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Guest professors

Prof. Dr. Marc Nowaczyk
Molecular mechanisms of photosynthesis

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Senior professors

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. habil. Hanns Hatt
LS Zellphsiologie
ND 4/35
Tel.: +49 (234) 32-26792

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kück
LS Allgemeine und Molekulare Botanik
ND 6/127
Tel.: +49 (234) 32-28951

Prof. Dr. Matthias Rögner
LS für Biochemie der Pflanzen
ND 04/173
Tel.: +49 (234) 32-25067

Prof. Dr. Günter Schaub
AG für Zoologie und Parasitologie
Tel.: +49 (234) 32-24587

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Emeriti and retirees

Apl. Prof. Dr. Winfried Bennert
LS Evolutionsökologie und Biodiversität der Pflanzen

Prof. Dr. Richard Berzborn
AG Immunchemie energietransformierender Membranen

Prof. Dr. Volker Blüm
AG Vergleichende Endokrinologie

Prof. Dr. Günther Boheim
LS Zellphysiologie

Prof. Dr. Helfried Glitsch
AG Muskelphysiologie

Prof. Dr. Henning Haeupler
AG Geobotanik

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Klaus-Peter Hoffmann
LS Allgemeine Zoologie und Neurobiologie
ehemalige Internetseite:
ND 5/26
Tel.: +49 (234) 32-28362

Prof. Dr. Dietrich-Kurt Hofmann
AG Entwicklungsphysiologie der Tiere
ND 7/28
Tel.: +49-(0)234-32-25578
Fax: +49-(0)234-32-14185

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Link
AG Pflanzliche Zellphysiologie und Molekularbiologie
Kontakt über das Dekanat Biologie und Biotechnologie möglich
ehemalige Internetseite:

Prof. Dr. Hermann Lübbert
ehemalige Internetseite: LS Tierphysiologie

Prof. Dr. Hans Machemer
AG Zelluläre Erregungsphysiologie

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Necker
LS Tierphysiologie

Prof. Dr. Walter Oettmeier
LS Biochemie der Pflanzen

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rüger
AG Molekulare Genetik

PD Dr. Jürgen Schlitter
LS Biophysik
Tel.: +49 (234) 32-25753

PD Dr. Jens-Dirk Schwenn
LS Biochemie der Pflanzen

Prof. Dr. August Wilhelm Steffan
AG Zoologie und Ökologie

Prof. Dr. Thomas Stützel
Evolution und Biodiversität der Pflanzen
ehemalige Internetseite:

Prof. Dr. Elmar Weiler
LS Pflanzenphysiologie